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In London, particularly in places like Stoke Newington, many properties have small gardens due to space constraints. After buying a house and potentially expanding it with additions like a new kitchen, bathroom, or loft conversion, attention shifts to garden design and landscaping.


Maximising Your Space

Maximizing space becomes crucial, especially in urban settings, to accommodate relaxation and entertainment areas, storage solutions, and, of course, planting spaces.



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Garden Design • Stoke Newington


Why a Courtyard Garden?

Your outdoor area might be restricted, but there’s no need to lose hope. Consider crafting an intimate courtyard garden design in Stoke Newington. Contemplate your garden’s purpose. Do you desire a spot to unwind with loved ones, seek privacy from neighbours, or cultivate a serene green oasis?


Focal Points • Storage • Seating Areas

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Courtyards gardens st albans

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Let’s get started ⋅ garden design ⋅ stoke Newington Landscaping

Start by choosing a garden design theme that matches your taste, whether it’s modern, traditional, or vibrant tropical. This theme sets the tone for your garden design in Stoke Newington, bringing together all its elements. It helps you pick the right materials for landscaping and plants, ensuring a cohesive and appealing look for your outdoor space.



A Wish List ⋅ garden design · Landscaping Stoke Newington

Space is tight, so you’ll need to compromise. You can’t have it all and still keep things spacious. Focus on what’s essential to avoid clutter. Make sure there’s a spot for sitting, relaxing, and entertaining. Natural stone works well for flat gardens, while decking is perfect for sloped ones.

Traditional Garden Design
Contemporary Garden Design



Seating Area ⋅ landscaping  garden design st albans



Courtyards gardens st albans

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Its great to have a seating area to relax in. This could simply be a shady bench. Enclosed with planting. You may opt for a table and chairs, for outdoor dining. Or you could build, a custom timber, seating area. With raised beds and planting.



Courtyards gardens st albans

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Keep the paving simple. Go for a strong bold look. Soften with planting. Create beds. For height and impact add raised beds with lush planting. Add edging setts to frame beds and borders.

Create a comfortable sized space. For 4 people, allow a minimum of 3 x3m. With a cooking area, allow 4 x4m. Add planters around the seating, to soften the look. Box standards for a formal feel. Phormiums for a more contemporary, tropical feel.



Storage ⋅ Keep it tidy ⋅ garden design



courtyard garden St Albans

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You will need some type of storage. Whatever size you have, you will fill overtime. Space is limited. It’s a good idea to ©fertile ground landscape ⋅ add it, around the edge of the garden. Not taking up room. In the sun trap. In the middle of the garden. Think about your access points, in and out of the garden. Especially, if you need to move your children’s bikes. In and out of the garden area.

Privacy and noise can be an issue in your courtyard garden. Add a tall thin storage shed. Along your boundary fence. Creating privacy, without taking up valuable floor space. Plants such as bamboo or hedging. Will also help, with the noise.



 Courtyards gardens st albans

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Create furniture or planters with hidden storage. Great for garden equipment, or seasoned wood, for the chiminea.


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garden design courtyard garden St Albans

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Raised beds ⋅ garden design ⋅ landscaping ⋅ small ⋅ designer ⋅  ⋅ st albans

Create a raised bed. Great for adding planting height. And interest to a courtyard garden design . For a light, contemporary feel. Choose a white rendered wall, planter. For a more classic traditional landscaping, stoke newington. Choose natural stone cladding. Sleepers work well in zen or tropical garden design.



garden design stoke newington

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Planting ⋅ raised beds ⋅ rendered wall

Choose plants with good height or compact and interesting shapes. Make sure you have good drainage in your beds. Bamboo, palms, and ferns. Work well in contemporary, tropical and zen garden design.


Contemporary retaining walls ⋅ brick ⋅ natural sandstone setts ⋅ oak sleepers


Traditional retaining walls ⋅ rendered walls ⋅ k render ⋅ design clad



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First, think about where you might view the garden from. In your house. Windows or a bi-fold door. Next think about the garden. Where will you sit? How will you walk through the garden? These are your key areas, for focal points. Leading the eye. Making the garden appear larger. Remember, don’t overdo it. They should appear natural. An integral part of the garden design and landscaping, stoke newington. Not artificial. Or added as an afterthought.


garden design stoke newington

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Focal point ⋅ Ideas ⋅ Inspiration ⋅ Garden design ⋅ landscaping gardeners ⋅ stoke Newington landscaping



Contemporary garden design 



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It’s always good to match your focal points. To your gardens theme.  For a contemporary garden design and landscaping, stoke newington. Add a contemporary stone or steel sculpture. Add corten steel for that weathered look. Or may be a minimalistic stone fireplace or fire pit. Specimen plants, can also act as a focal point. Topiary, a row of cypress trees, a cloud trees or pleached trees. These can really pull a design together. If space, is at a real premium. Make the ‘dining area’ the focal point. This could include a BBQ area or a chiminea.



Traditional garden design ⋅ landscaping 


garden design stoke newington

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A classic water feature, is always a winner. Adding sound and movement, to your garden design and landscaping, stoke newington. A weathered stone trough, and a simple aged wall mounted, spout. Add pots and pebbles, to soften the trough. Statues are a matter of taste. Remember, they need to be in scale, with your garden design. Again, specimen plants, can act as a focal point. Especially, when displayed in large planters.



Zen ⋅ tropical garden design ⋅ stoke newington


 Water features ⋅ courtyard gardens ⋅ garden design ⋅ landscaping ⋅ small ⋅ designer ⋅ stoke newington ⋅ st albans


Focal points should be natural and laid back. Aged timber structures and zen statues. Partly hidden by foliage, waiting to be discovered. Here, you can have fun. Add multiple small focal points. Each an accessory to your garden design and landscaping, stoke newington. Water features work well, if you have the space. Avoid pools of water, which can be a hazard for the young and old.



courtyard garden St Albans

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Whatever you add. Needs to be ‘aged’ for the antique look. Aged mossy boulders, pebbles and rock monoliths. Specimen planting can include tree ferns, palms, and acers. Soften with ground cover. Thyme carpets or pachysandra mats.



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courtyard garden St Albans

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Add some theatre to your garden design and landscaping, stoke newington. Add lighting to your garden design project.

At the design stage. It’s a good time to think about your lighting. Cables can be easily laid under the paving areas by a professional electrician. Hidden from view. Great for illuminating focal points. Or for creating a great atmosphere, for an evening’s entertainment. Proper planning will enable you to easily have a power supply. In your garden room or shed. Or your outdoor waterproof sockets.



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garden design courtyard garden St Albans

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Artificial grass ⋅ small garden design

Looks like the real thing! No mowing. If installed properly it won’t waterlog. Child and pet friendly. Can be used all year round!




Bark your beds ⋅ garden design stoke newington


Cut down your watering , during those long hot summer months. Reduce your weeding. Add decorative bark to your flower beds. It captures water. And prevent waterloss. Creating moist conditions. Great for plant growth. Great for insects, including worms. Great for your soil!


Irrigation ⋅ garden design ⋅ stoke newington




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Sit down and relax with a programable irrigation system. Drippers are efficient. Reducing the amount of water wasted, due to overwatering. Great for pots, beds, and window boxes. Entry level systems and now very affordable. Running off your garden tap. Power by a 9-volt battery.


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Here is our guide to what is new for garden design in 2022, Stoke Newington.











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