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“The garden design included a hardwood deck, paving, fencing, rendered walls & garden lighting. The result was outstanding! – In design and visual appeal.”

Garden Design Harpenden

Garden Design • St Albans & Harpenden


Getting Started • Garden Design St Albans

Our garden design journey begins with a friendly conversation and a thorough examination of your outdoor space.


Need Inspiration • Garden Design Harpenden

Whether you come equipped with your own visions or seek inspiration, rest assured, our expertise is here to guide you every step of the way.


garden design Harpenden

Garden Design Harpenden



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garden design Harpenden

Traditional • Contemporary Garden Design Harpenden


Traditional • Contemporary Garden Design • Harpenden

We have designed gardens of all shapes and sizes over the years. This includes large garden designs, courtyard garden designs, and a variety of styles such as contemporary and traditional garden design and landscaping in St Albans.


Take Your Time…

It’s important to take some time and think carefully about your garden design and landscaping in St Albans before beginning any hard landscaping or planting.


Garden Design Process

• On-site Consultation • Design Process • Quotes · Costings & Timescales • Design <> Build

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Essential Concepts for Garden Design in St Albans

Before commencing your Harpenden garden design, it’s vital to contemplate balance, proportion, and harmony.


Harmony • Proportion

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St Albans Garden Designer: Embrace Sustainability for Your Outdoor Oasis

Transform your garden into an eco-friendly haven by embracing sustainable practices.


Native Plants • Composting

Incorporate native plants, practice companion planting, composting, and create a welcoming environment for pollinators and birds. Book a consultation today to elevate your garden design in Harpenden.


• Sustainable Outdoor Space • Native Plants • Companion Planting • Composting • Attracting Pollinators

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Traditional Garden Design

Perfect for period properties, blend natural quality materials with formal lines and lush planting. Use sandstone, slate, and granite for paving, and incorporate new oak sleepers and hardwood decking. For planting, mix textures, colors, and shapes with plants like agapanthus, box hedging, and phormiums.


Getting Started • Paving Materials • Raised Beds & Rendered Walls • Planting Ideas

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