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Garden Design Islington

Garden Design Islington • Fertile Ground Design

Looking for garden design in Hertfordshire and London? Fertile Ground Design can transform gardens of any size with years of experience. Islington Garden Design.


Garden Designer Islington • Cost of Garden Design

We offer free site visits for landscaping advice and provide detailed quotes without requiring a formal design. Our garden design services include scaled plans, planting schemes, project costings, and references from our satisfied customers.


Garden Design Islington


Hard & Soft Landscaping

We specialize in stone paving and landscaping, offering a variety of materials for pathways and decking. Our landscaping services include hedges, turf, artificial grass, sleepers, retaining walls, drainage, and soil improvement. For your Garden Design Islington.


Garden Design Islington


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Islington Garden Design • Guide

Design your garden with essential elements like Paving, lawns, and beds. Choose a theme that suits you, such as contemporary, traditional, or urban zen. Plan materials and plants accordingly.



Natural Lawns ∙ Turfing 

• Paving ∙ Sandstone • Slate • Granite • Porcelain

• Sleeper Raised Beds • Softwood & New Oak Sleepers


Garden Design

• Traditional  •  Contemporary • Tropical • Urban Zen Prairie

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Garden Designer Islington • Natural Stone Paving

Natural stone is an excellent choice for durability and affordability. Choose from classic sandstone, modern granite, or luxurious limestone. A single laying pattern will give a contemporary feel, while a mix of sizes creates a more rustic look for your Garden Design Islington. We offer a variety of concrete paving styles that are easy to install, clean, and perfect for driveways and edging. Great Islington Garden Design.


Stone Paving •  Islington

Sandstone • Slate • Granite • Porcelain

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Garden Decking • Artificial Grass • Hedges 

Decking options include hardwood and softwood, making it a great addition to any garden design. Recessed LED lighting can also be added to extend outdoor parties into the night. Fertile Ground, a great Garden Design Islington. Why not add Artificial Grass or turf your garden. Or plant a hedge for privacy. Great Garden Design, Islington.


Softwood Decking • Hardwood Decking • Composite Decking

Turfing • Artificial Grass

Hedges Guide • Choosing A Hedge • Planting

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Garden Design Islington • Testimonials

At Fertile Ground, we specialize in designing various gardens with different styles – from contemporary to traditional and tropical. Check out our satisfied customer testimonials to learn more, for Islington Garden Design.

“First-class artistry, polite and efficient team, highly recommended! Mark & Chris transformed our garden dramatically in no time. Many thanks!” Marion, Watford • Fertile Ground, Garden Designer Islington.

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Garden Designer Islington • Fertile Ground

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