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Our decking services offer a variety of options, including composite, hardwood, or softwood materials, to complement your garden’s natural ambience. We also provide matching fencing, handrails, and newel posts for a timeless look.


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Decking • Softwood

Softwood decking is an affordable and low-maintenance option for outdoor spaces. It is resistant to water damage and insects, making it suitable for any climate.


Decking Enfield • Getting Started • Composite

Softwood decking is a popular, cost-effective, and easy-to-install option that offers natural beauty and durability, making it ideal for larger projects.


Decking Installation • Durable Softwood Garden

Softwood decking is an affordable and beautiful option for outdoor spaces. It boasts unique grain patterns and rich tones, creating natural charm and warmth. Treated boards are resistant to insect and water damage, making them a durable choice for outdoor installations. Additionally, softwood is lightweight and easy to install, making the construction process hassle-free. You can customize the decking, fencing, handrails, and newel posts to match your style.


Decking Enfield • Softwood UK Weather

Softwood tough decking is an excellent material for outdoor spaces due to its durability. Softwood wooden decking boards can withstand the harsh weather conditions the UK experiences throughout the year, making it a practical and long-lasting option for Decking.


Decking Enfield • Finishes & Size: Softwood

Softwood decking is a versatile option available in various styles and sizes of materials. Smooth boards give a classic boardwalk feel, whereas textured boards provide anti-slip properties. Natural decking is preferred over bright colours when staining. The Sadolin company offers a great range of decking stains.


Decking Enfield • Sustainable

Opt for FSC-certified timber decking to ensure sustainable and environmentally friendly production methods.


Decking Installation Enfield • Caring For Your Softwood

It’s important to clean your deck areas on a regular basis to avoid the accumulation of mould, algae, and slippery surfaces. For food and drink stains, use a pressure washer and mild cleaning product. However, be careful while using the pressure washer and avoid getting too close to the grain. To restore the color of your deck, you can apply Net-tool.


Decking Enfield

Composite Decking Installation Guide • Enfield

Composite Decking is an environmentally friendly, low-maintenance, slip-resistant and durable alternative to traditional decking. It is made from recycled plastic and available in various finishes, making it easy to work with. using the pressure washer and avoid getting too close to the grain. To restore the color of your deck, you can apply Net-tool.


Decking Enfield • Why Compositing

Composite Decking is a low-maintenance,tough, durable, and sustainable alternative to natural timber. It adds style and warmth to your garden while extending your living space outdoors. Composite Decking comes in various colours, tones, and textures and is resistant to insect attacks, moisture damage, staining, cracks, splitting, and pressure washing.

It is also slip-resistant, making it safer for families with children or elderly individuals.


Decking Enfield • Composite • Environmental Benefits

Composite decking is a type of material that is used for decking and is made from recycled plastics and reclaimed wood. It is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood as it helps reduce the need for deforestation. This type of decking is known for its durability and high-quality finish. It can come in smooth or textured surface areas, and various companies offer a range of components for each decking job. Tough Decking is one such company that provides a range of quality materials for decking projects.


Decking Enfield • Composite Suppliers

Top composite decking suppliers in the UK are TimberTech, Trex, Fiberon, and Millboard. They offer a range of durable and low-maintenance products. You can choose the supplier that best suits your needs and budget for your composite decking installation. With Tough Decking, you won’t have to worry about your deck rotting. Composite decking is a great solution for a long-lasting and low-maintenance deck.


Decking Enfield • Construct Your Composite Deck

The process of installing Composite Decking in Enfield is quite similar to building a traditional timber deck. However, Composite Decking is more durable and does not crack. To ensure a smooth installation, the area should be level and a membrane should be added. You can use either timber or composite materials to create the frame, and the Composite Decking can be cut just like regular timber to support the surface spindles. Unlike traditional timber, Composite Decking is tough and does not rot, making it a great choice for Enfield . Finally, screw down the boards securely to complete your deck installation.


Decking Installation Enfield • Finishes and Styles Composite

Composite decking provides a wide range of color options to match any style, and it needs minimal maintenance. Wilks in Enfield offers a variety of textures and finishes that imitate natural wood, making it ideal for outdoor spaces. If you need composite decking installation in Enfield , Tough Decking is a great choice for composite.


6# Taking Care of Your Composite Deck Installation

To maintain your composite deck, simply sweep away debris and clean stains with mild soap and water. Be gentle with furniture to prevent scratches and avoid harsh chemicals or pressure washers to maintain the surface appearance.


Other Products & Services • Decking Enfield

It is a durable solution that does not crack easily. Each company offers matching components like steps, spindles, new decking screws, new decking boards, and balustrades, giving your deck a traditional wooden appearance. Tough Decking is a great choice for synthetic grass products and is perfect for completing your project.”




Hardwood Decking

Hardwood decking made of Balau timber is a durable, tough, and luxurious option for your outdoor area. Its rich grain makes it a perfect traditional wood decking choice. Remember to use stainless steel screws during installation. Keep in mind that it requires more maintenance than softwood decking and can be more complicated to install. Nonetheless, it offers a sturdy and long-lasting decking solution.


Decking Enfield • Get Creative With Decking

For a hassle-free garden design, consider adding a curved deck, chevrons, lighting, and tropical plants.

Decking Lights • Extend The Party Into The Night • Composite

Consider adding garden lighting to your property for a delightful night-time entertainment. You can install a wise box for complete control over a discreetly zoned lighting system that is remotely controlled by a touch keypad. You have a choice of LED lights in cool or warm white, or you can opt for strings of LED lights as a more affordable option. If you’re looking to enhance the beauty of your garden, Fertile Ground, Enfield offers composite decking installation services as well.


Decking Enfield • Curved Decking Installation • Composite

Consider opting for a subtle, shallow curve for a contemporary and polished deck design. Utilize a thin and flexible curved fascia board to conceal both the joists and posts and to prevent cracking. Ensure that the fascia board matches the radius of the curve.


Composite Decking Installations Enfield • Great Creative • Composite

Jazz up your decking by adding horizontal or diagonal chevrons in a zig-zag pattern or a picture frame. Both options are quick and easy ways to add a unique touch to your outdoor space.


Composite Enfield Decking Installations • Create Jungle • Composite

Create a jungle atmosphere in your outdoor space by incorporating natural materials and vibrant tropical plants. Incorporate some contemporary elements in your composite decking installation in Enfield to achieve a modern feel.


Add Lush Planting Combination • Composite Decking

Decking Enfield • Composite

Structure · Bamboo · Ferns · Phormuims ·

Colour · Agapanthus · Crocosmia · Lillies


Decking Enfield • Low Maintenance Designs • Composite

For a beautiful courtyard garden, combine artificial grass, decking, irrigation, and contemporary fencing. Use pots for a planting bed with drought-tolerant plants and composite decking installation.



How long does composite Decking last?

Composite decking can last for up to 25-30 years with proper care, making it an ideal choice for homeowners who want a low-maintenance and long-lasting deck.


Can I install softwood decking myself?

If you have DIY skills, you can install softwood decking on your own. However, it is recommended to hire professionals for better results. Installing deck boards accurately requires precision and knowledge to ensure that they last long and remain stable.


Is composite decking environmentally friendly?

Composite decking is a smart choice for outdoor spaces as it is made from recycled plastic and wood fibres, requires minimal upkeep and helps prevent deforestation.


How do I clean and maintain my Decking?

The maintenance required for different types of decking can vary. However, in general, sweeping or gently washing your deck with soap and water can help keep it clean. It’s essential to take care of any stains or spills promptly to prevent lasting damage.


Can I customize the design of my Decking?

Our team can help you make your Decking look how you want it to. We can pick different colours and add particular patterns or features to make it unique. We’ll work closely with you to create an outdoor space that matches your interests.


What is the cost of installing Decking?

The cost of constructing a deck may vary depending on factors such as the materials you opt for, the size of the area, and the level of installation complexity. At our company, we offer reasonable prices and will provide you with a detailed quote once we have discussed your preferences. To maintain your composite deck, it is recommended to sweep off debris and clean stains using mild soap and water. Please avoid using harsh chemicals or pressure washers, and be careful with furniture to prevent scratches.




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